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Fun Clips at Burlington Bike Park. from justin wyper on Vimeo.

I finally Got my self another passport after having mine stolen last april! finally I was able to go and check Burlington Bike park out witch is 40 minuets south of the boarder. I was mega stoked, it has been super snowy up here in whistler so there has not been a lot of opportunities to get out and ride. I brought my contour down to grab some clips of my Nick Tingren, Reece Wallace, and I. I am no wiz when it comes to editing or filming, but it gets the point across that we had a great time! I will be making Burlington bike park my new weekend winter riding destination for sure! check it!

One of my favorite things about being a bike rider is getting to shoot photos with different  and I have always really enjoyed shooting with Ian Hylands. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re close enough in age to relate well or just Ian’s ability to light a shot and catch the action at the right time while still telling the story… but, Ian without a doubt has always produced amazing results with minimal risk, time and effort expended.

In appreciation for all the effort he’s put into to me over the past 10 years of our random meetings and shoots, here’s small collection of Ian Hylands photos…

Many of these have never been seen, hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them…

Hidden Valley (R.I.P.), Huntington Beach, Ca.

Hidden Valley was a huge favorite for ALL of the early MTB dirt jumpers, soon to be slopestylers from all over… riders the likes of Nate Adams, Adam Hauck, Andreu & Luis Lancondeguy and Neils Windfelt not to mention every BMX’er worth his salt in the late 90’s have travelled across the US and the World to ride this step-down hip to big quad hidden from site by 30′ bushes filled with HB’s homeless… This section was even featured in one of the original MTV Sports & Music segments for Nasty… A wonderful place in everyone’s eye’s, except maybe the City Planner’s…

This was the 2nd set in the hip line.

1 Day in LA

This was our first stop of the day and the one I feared most having been a police officer, I have a certain amount of respect for the courts… the last thing I needed was an over-zealous court cop tackling me off my bike in downtown L.A. … Luckily, we hit this twice in 10 minutes and were happy with what we got… for now!!!

Los Angeles Superior Court entry way at 9;30am on a monday with the metal detectors and L.A. Sheriff’s Deputies clearly in my sight at my peak in the air…

Part 2: 1 Day in LA… Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro

100′ x 20′ steel diamond mine shaft tube on a trailer waiting for the right time of year to travel…
This shot ended up as the cover for Germany’s Mountain Bike Rider magazine.

Same day different bike…

This curb hop to barely bike length bank to gap was 30′ away from the diamond shaft and we only got harassed by Dept. of Homeland Security once after an hour of shooting… we were done anyway…

Gavilan “Nasty’s” Trails, Riverside, Ca.Riverside, Ca. has had some of the raddest trail spot in the world… From 2007 to 2011 Gavilan or Nasty’s trails we booming!!! The sessions out here were just insane… I even witnessed Ryan Guettler’s helmet-less dirt 1080 on the last set…

Here’s a few pics from Nasty’s…

Ian snagged a few of 20″ cult-hero Arrash Sadie doing what he did best when not raising hell with Midget Cory at the Goathill…

Arrash Sadie…

Turndown flip at Nasty’s

Parksville, Canada around 2009

Parksville, Canada around 2009

Here’s one I’m particularly proud of… I’ve only ever seen another turndown flip on a 26″ and this was our entry level .357 frame, Nasty’s Trails, Gavlin, Ca. 2008-2009

Telonix & Skidmarx: 2013

Here’s a few shots from 2 weeks ago while shooting for the Pinkbike interview…

Telonix step-down with Laguna socked in by fog below… such a rad day shooting with Ian and Richie Schley at Skidmarx and Laguna.

One of my favorites… Telonix

Skid marx step-up

Skid Marx berm shot

Telonix silhouette screensaver by request…

It’s been a while since we’ve had some new softwoods and I’m stoked to finally bring out some new stuff. 
 The Limited Edition FlexFit Classic Camo Logo Snapback: One Size Fits Most – $24.99
210 Fitted Logo Caps in black or grey: SM, L/XL, XXL – $29.99
8″ Logo Beanie – Fine knit – ONSA – $15.99
The new Spitfire zip-up hoodie with chest and back print – $49.99

Spitfire T Black – $19.99

Spitfire T Grey – $19.99

More designs coming soon.

Black Market Roam
WORDS Jordan Carr
PHOTOS Colin Meagher

Black Market was founded in 2004 when Carter Holland lusted after a bike that was somewhere between the current 26″ wheeled offerings and the BMX bikes he enjoyed riding so much. The first fully suspended result of that thinking was the Killswitch, a 100mm travel bike that was designed to slay dirt jumps and slopestyle courses, with the brand gaining a good following in those circles. In 2012, Black Market stepped up to the plate with their Roam, a trail bike with 120 – 160mm of adjustable travel. Despite being touted as an all-rounder, the Roam certainly carries some of the DNA found in the Killswitch. 2014 sees a number of changes implemented on the Roam, including to its geometry and the frame’s ability to be easily configured to accept 26″, 650B, and even 29″ wheels thanks to its ‘All Wheel Drop-Out System’. Offered primarily as a frame-only (without the shock), the Roam is available in extra-small, small, medium, and large sizes for $1,999 USD. Our test bike was assembled with a custom mix of solid components and 650B wheels that reflect its intentions as a hard charger, and we ran it in the longer 160mm travel mode for the duration of our time on it.

Black Market Roam Details
• Purpose: trail / all-mountain
• Rear wheel travel: 120 – 160mm
• Wheel size: 26″, 650B (tested), and 29″
• 6061 T6 aluminum frame
• ‘All Wheel Drop Out System’
• ISCG 05 chain guide tabs
• Weight: 33lb (medium, w/o pedals)
• Sizes: XS, S, M, L
• MSRP: $1,999 USD (frame w/o shock)

Frame Details

The Roam frame is constructed from large diameter 6061 aluminum tubing, and much like the Killswitch, a priority has been placed on both stand over height and having a low center of gravity. A cutout near the bottom of the down tube is home to the bottom shock mount, with it being compressed at the other end via a floating link activated by the rear triangle. Out back, the All Wheel Drop Out System allows for chain stay adjustability, as well as the acceptance of the three wheel sizes – one set of dropouts will take care of 26″ wheels, while 650B and 29″ wheels are accommodated via an optional dropout set that can be installed in place of the stock units. Moving to the front of the bike, a tapered head tube that uses pinch bolts to hold both the top and bottom cups has been employed, a design Black Market claims helps to greatly limit the chance of ovalizing a head tube, as well as making installation and removal much easier.

  Black Market uses their ‘Hammer Link’ suspension design that mounts the shock extremely low on the bike. Up front, a pinch bolt head tube allows for easy headset installation.

The bike’s cable routing is relatively clean and easily accessible, with the brake and derailleur cables routed on the top of the down tube, while the dropper post housing sits nicely on the underside of the top tube. A traditional thread-in style 73mm bottom bracket allows for endless crank options, and ISCG 05 tabs give riders the option of easily installing a guide (our test bike featured an MRP G3 SL chain guide) or bash guard should they require one. There is a spot to bolt on a direct mount front derailleur as well, although our single ring setup left it as a bit of an eyesore on an otherwise great looking bike.

Suspension Design

The 120 – 160mm travel Roam utilizes a longer stroke version of the Hammer Link suspension layout found on the Killswitch, with the stout linkage that compresses the shock almost completely hidden by the forward section of the swingarm. This gives the bike an incredibly clean appearance that makes some of the other designs out there look a touch cluttered in comparison, and access to the linkage hardware is still possible thanks to small openings machined into the system. Linkage aside, the Roam’s swingarm rotates off of a single pivot located just above the top of a 36 tooth chain ring, with gold anodized aluminum hardware holding everything together. Suspension travel is adjusted by way of a shuttle mount that moves the shock either forward or back in order to alter the leverage.

  Sliding and replaceable dropouts make for triple wheel size compatibility, and the Hammer Link suspension allows for travel adjustment between 120mm and 160mm.

Riding the Roam

bigquotes Getting the Roam to drift across the trail quickly became a predictable and controllable action, and it wasn’t long before we had enough trust in the bike to push hard through each dusty and loose corner.

Climbing / Fit

The Roam’s cockpit has a very compact feel that riders who prefer the playful feel of a smaller bike will appreciate, although those who would rather have a more stretched out position for longer rides could find themselves a touch cramped. Our medium sized test bike featured a virtual top tube length of 22.9″ that put us in a relatively upright riding position, but it did prove to be comfortable, even after a few hours in the saddle, so long as you take a more relaxed approach to the day’s plans.

Taking a relaxed approach is helpful when climbing as well – we found that the Roam felt a bit sluggish when gassing it uphill, something that could be attributed to the bike’s somewhat hefty build (our test bike weighed in at 33 pounds), and the slack 66° head angle. An ultra savvy singletrack climber the bike is not, but we also don’t believe that was Holland’s intention when he listed out his wants and needs for the Roam. The middle compression setting of the RockShox Monarch Plus became our go-to position whenever the trail pointed upwards, since the firmed-up ride this provided allowed for a bit more jump to the bike’s progress. Long gradual climbs required a little extra effort aboard the Roam as well, with its weight becoming even more noticeable on ascents that had a good amount of mindless pedalling. Granted, our test bike had a 36 tooth front ring and a parts kit geared towards durability and strength, not setting hill climb records – do yourself a favour and lean towards a lighter build kit if you plan on doing exactly that.

black market

Descending / Technical Terrain

Forgetting about the gripes with the Roam’s climbing ability happens to be easy once the trail starts to head the opposite direction – cut the Roam loose through a few choppy turns and its design philosophy becomes much more apparent. Short-ish chain stays keep the rear wheel planted as the Roam cuts smoothly from one side of the trail to the other, instilling a new level of confidence through tricky turns. Getting the Roam to drift across the trail quickly became a predictable and controllable action, and it wasn’t long before we had enough trust in the bike to push hard through each dusty and loose corner. Once opened up, the Roam’s slack 66° head angle became beneficial, and kept us confident in pushing the pace on unfamiliar trails, and all levels of riders will benefit from the bike’s deft handling abilities in this regard. We did notice the FOX Float 34 seemed a bit under-gunned compared to the frame’s extra-zealous attitude while descending, and a FOX 36 might better suit the Roam’s downhill strengths more than the lighter 34. That’s not a slight against the 34, though, just that the bike’s handling allows for some seriously hairball speed, and a really aggressive or larger rider might benefit from a burlier fork chassis.

black market
  The Roam remained stable yet playful, even on high speed downhill sections.

Stability became the key term that resonated over and over with us while aboard the Roam, and its stout tubing and low shock position offered an extremely rigid feel. This, despite the rear quick release axle that is a bit of an oversight in our minds given the bike’s intended use and overbuilt feel elsewhere. While it’s a bit of an over used term, labelling the Roam a downhiller’s trail bike would be an apt description of how we feel about it. It is the kind of machine that won’t make you pause when rolling into that large jump or drop, even more so than many other bikes in the same class, and it can rail any turn you aim it through.

black market
  We loved the Roam’s ability to push us when the trail got overly technical, and its stability kept allowing us to go faster.

Component Check

• Novatec Diablo wheels: Giving us the power of the Devil, the Diablo wheels performed flawlessly as we thrashed the Roam. The hubs were smooth, with great engagement even when we found ourselves pushing too big of a gear through steep pitch changes.

• Avid Elixir 5 brakes: Although we’ve certainly experienced some Avid brakes that offer an inconsistent feel from the stock bleed, the brakes on our Roam were firm and reliable throughout testing.

• Shimano Zee derailleur: The Shimano Zee Shadow Plus rear derailleur performed extremely well during testing, and is a great example of how clutch derailleurs really improve the on trail experience by reducing chain movement when the things get rough.

• Profile Racing cranks: Although it’s not a crankset we see spec’d too often on trail bikes, and certainly not the first choice of anyone concerned about weight, we were pleasantly surprised with the Profile arms’ stiffness and stout aesthetics.

  The bike’s sturdy Profile crank arms and MRP G3 SL make for a reliable setup, while its Novatec wheelset also proved to be fault-free.

Pinkbike’s take:

bigquotes The Roam is a breath of fresh air in a trail bike market filled with weight weenie hype and carbon frames. Riders looking for a machine to flog hard on rowdy downhill runs will find the Roam to be confidence inspiring and durable, no matter how many times you let it fly. And although its weight and so-so climbing abilities could be a deal breaker for many riders, larger and more aggressive pilots will find its heft well balanced and its low center of gravity to create an amazingly nimble ride. We appreciated the DH mentality we developed aboard the Roam, and found ourselves looking forward to picking the rowdiest line on the way down. – Jordan Carr


This is my Black Market Edit1.

It my not be the shiniest bike you have ever seen, but it probably the sickest rusty bike you have ever seen. people ask me all the time what paint I used or where I got it painted, it is just rust. When Carter and I were first talking about what colour I should run on the bike I couldn’t make my mind up. He had suggested a raw frame that would rust and I was sold. I love my bikes to be unique in some way and this one is no exception. with a rat rod rusted frame, real tree camo chain stay, seat stay, and seat post I think it makes the dopest looking frame out there. Up front on the bike I have The Black market BadaBoom and Underboss stem with some dope BlackMarket grips. the grips and Bars are red, because red and rust is dope. I run A Shimano XT I love the feel of them and the small leaver is a added bonus.

I Have been running Profile for a wile now and I love it. The stuff is bomb proof. I got The BB, Splined sprocket, and 165 cranks on. with only a 23 tooth up front I can cut down on weight and the look of a big old bulky sprocket.

Don’t know if you can see it, it is kind of small, but in the picture below there is a 9 tooth cog on those Profile Elite hubs. the 9 tooth gives you a real man gear when paired with the 23 up front. its good for getting big calf muscles that the babes love. and you can go faster at shit.

Thanks for taking a look at my bike! hope you like it!

I have been out now for 7 weeks with a broken ankle after front flip whip case in Fernie BC at the WhamBam jump jam. Finally I got the go ahead to get back on my bike! This is a shot little helmet cam of my first few laps back in the bike park. the day was sweet and fast until I double flatted on a the strait pinned section on the road in the opening part of the Video. Fun Fact. According to Strava I clicked 72km on that strait! Check it out hope you all enjoy!

Ride Through My Eyes. on Pinkbike

This past weekend I had the chance to go up to Frisco bike park in Frisco, Co and Film an edit with Plae Films and shoot pictures with Suspended Productions. Riding along side me was my great friend, Mike Murfitt. Riding out there is always a blast!
Photo: Suspended Productions