Killswitch Replacement Bearing Kits

Killswitch Enduro Bearing Kit
Basic Killswitch Replacement Bearing Kit



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Product Description

Complete replacement bearing kits with new internal spacers and washers to freshen up your Killswitch Hammer Link system. Choose the Basic ABEC 3 kit or the Enduro Max Ball kit for smoother, longer life.

  • 6 pcs. MM x 7MM x 8MM sealed bearings
  • 6 pcs. 12MM x 8MM x 1MM bearing washers
  • 1 pc. Hammer Link inner spacer 25MM x 14MM x8MM
  • 2 pcs. Dog Bone inner spacers 14MM x 11MM x 8MM

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Basic ABEC 3 Bearing Kit $55.00, Enduro Max Ball Bearing Kit $65.00